Episode 30 - No One Cares About Dude!Ryder

March 14, 2017

No One Cares About Dude!Ryder

On this episode of The Crafting System, Ness and Eris try to reconcile their packed schedules with wanting to have fun and find something that looks a little like success! Part of making that room for fun is a more streamlined version of the podcast that clocks in at sitcom length instead of primetime drama. The newly focused hosts talk about:

Bullet journaling 

Overwatch (Eris's gleefully inept Play of the Game here)

Metamorphosis Metals

V.E. Schwab live!


Scalzi continues to be a treasure, and The Collapsing Empire is coming soon!

Guys. Audiobooks. Seriously

The Stand (for when you really want to get your money's worth out of that Audible credit)

IT (it's pretty fucked up, guys)

On Writing

The Elements of Style (proving that it's possible to be completely insufferable while also being right since 1920)

Rise of the Robots: Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future

Book Riot's Read Harder 2017 Challenge

The Only Rule Is That It Has To Work

America's Game: The Epic Story of How Pro Football Captured a Nation

The Lottery and Other Stories

The Book of Phoenix and Akata Witch


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Ness an editor and contributor at Can’t Talk. Eris Esquire runs Law Levels Up.

Our avi is by Chachi Bobinks, and our theme song is “Peanut Butter Cupquakes” by Big Giant Circles.


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