Episode 27: The Gift of Fannish Stuff

December 13, 2016

The Gift of Fannish Stuff

This week, Eris and Ness tackle gift giving! Eris really likes “Pokemon Sun/Moon.” Ness finished her magic ladies loving ladies “Dragon Age: Inquisition” playthrough and is back on her incredibly OP completionist PT.

Here are our holiday (or otherwise) gift recs by category:

  • The Fanfic Writer:
  • Eris recommends: The Leuchtturm 1917 journal, Lamy Safari fountain pen, and Paper Mate InkJoys.
  • Ness recommends: Rhodia notebooks (especially this one), Pilot Kakuno fountain pens, Nemosine Singularity fountain pen (I have the fine nib, which is excellent; I have heard terrible things about the extra fine nib, though), Goulet Pens sampler ink packs, Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pens, and Mochi Things.
  • Both recommend: Pilot Metropolitan, stickers (try Redbubble or Etsy).
  • The Fan Artist:
  • Eris recommends: Cute storage options. Mochi Things, again. A subscription to Adobe Creative Suite, because that shit can get expensive.
  • Ness recommends: Gift cards, because art gets expensive.
  • String and Needle:
  • Eris recommends: Intarsia software for knitting. This book on crocheting dolls.
  • Ness recommends: Stitch Fiddle for turning pictures into embroidery patterns (also works for knitting). Gift cards to or fabric from Spoonflower. A bag for notions .(I love the one friend-of-the-podcast Rosie made me.) Etsy again, this time for fandom patterns for knitting, embroidery, cross stitch, etc.
  • The Cosplayer:
  • Eris recommends: Making an emergency kit for cosplay malfunctions. (Ness recommends double-sided fabric tape aka Hollywood Fashion Tape for this kit. Also for life.)
  • Ness recommends: More giftcards to Spoonflower, Joann Fabrics, or their local fabric and notions store. (RIP, Hancock Fabrics.)
  • The Merch Hound:
  • Eris recommends: Etsy and Sanshee.
  • Ness recommends: Redbubble, Society6 are also good places to check. Plus if you know their fandom, check out official merch sites, which have gotten so much better these days. Thinkgeek is also a good place. Topatoco has a bunch of stuff for indie fandoms, like Welcome to Night Vale, for example. Don’t forget Funko Pops! I have a ton of them and love, love them so hard. Elhoffer Designs has amazing fannish cardigans and dresses. Jordandene has great font shirts from various fandoms.
  • The Stealth Nerd:
  • Eris recommends: Symbolism is a big damned part of most fandoms (like House Colors or the Stark direwolf), and that shit is a GOLDMINE for the stealth nerd. Jewelry is great for those who wear it, but really anything can work here, including scarves, hats, and other things that look like any other practical gift but carry that little extra bit of personalized specialness.
  • Ness recommends: If you have a stealth nerd friend who loves tea, Adagio is your friend. Seriously. Pick a fandom and someone has made tea for it. My personal fave tea blenders are Cara McGee, The Font Bandit and Stephanie Traylor. Rock Love Jewelry makes gorgeous, subtle fan jewelry in all kinds of fandoms. I own two of her Dragon Age pieces, and I’m drooling over her Destiny stuff. So. Pretty. Nail polish! Lucky 13 Lacquer, the Incidental Twin and tons of folks on Etsy have fannish polish! Shiro Cosmetics, Geek Chic Cosmetics and more have fannish makeup.
  • The Reader
  • Ness recommends: If they like books and bookish things, Book Riot store, Out of Print and Litographs have great bookish stuff you can wear. Going into their TBR on Goodreads could yield some ideas for books to pick up for them and looking at their reviews on Goodreads could yield ideas for fandoms. Gift cards to their local indie bookstore, if they have one!


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