100 Percent a Little Shit

October 25, 2016

100 Percent a Little Shit

(Alternate but ultimately too long title: Looks Around At How Lucky We Are To Be Alive Right Now [In Space].)

Ness and Eris talk to fan fic writer and all around awesome human Khirsah about her ultimate OTP, what it’s like to be an author in fandom, and her Patreon. Find her on AO3, Tumblr and Patreon!

We also mention:

• The two Lauren Groff books Ness foolishly read back-to-back are “Arcadia” and “Fates and Furies.” (And then she read seven romance or romance-light novels (The Glamourist Histories by Mary Robinette Kowal) in a row to cleanse her black soul.)

Lou Box Top by Sew DIY

Critical Roll

• Lots of love for BioWare (and hate for Kaidan because duh).

• Yes, HamiltonxMass Effect is a thing, and it’s beautiful.

• Fallout 4.

• Oh, and Ness wasn’t shitting on curly hair. It was a “Scrubs” ref. Dang, Eris. Dang.

And now for Ness’ Fun Time Fanfic Corner: The Khirsah editon:

• “A Dragon Age Fairy Tale” series. (The first is the one Eris read.)

Sexy water times with Blackwall.


M!HawkexAnders series.

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